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Confira a Letra Negative Outlook

The Unseen

Negative Outlook

I think so fucking hard my heads gonna explode.
The hate replaces blood and its al that I know.
Your words mean total nothing our existence is corruption
That's how I see it why don't you give it a try.
Sadness becomes anger and I don't know why.
I've seen so much truth theirs no more tears to cry.
It ran out years ago the wells gone dry
I no longer care and now I realize I have a

Negative outlook
That's why I have a
Negative outlook
And it wont change

Do I really care sometimes I wish I could
Then I think what I despise and it feels really good.
I wont worship false power as you destroy earth.
I don't give a dam what you say its worth.
What makes me feel this way. what have I become.
The seasons still change but the damage is done.
Its just another culture forced to die.
No cares no conscience I'm desensitized with a

Negative outlook
That's why I have a
Negative outlook
And it wont change

And that is how I realized I am negative.

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