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Confira a Letra Greed Empire

The Venting Machine

Greed Empire

The bluest collar: the lowest dollar, for your blood, sweat, and tears.
They pay us peanuts to feed our families. We have been pissed on for years.

We go to work for the trees, to make payments on sand and rock.
What we want, we have. It's just in different form.

To the workforce we are slaves, just numbers until our graves.
We all punch in, but none punch out. We work here. We spend here.
We all keep building the greed empire.

The whitest collar: the highest dollar, for YOUR blood, sweat, and tears.
To see these people and what they strive for, materialistic trash.

Money is your God.

Money: the root of evil. The wage of sin.
I'll die empty handed, and so will you.

Devil Boss Forever.