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Confira a Letra Control Me

The Vindictives

Control Me

Everyone tries to pull you their way then somebody tries to pull you back, they wanna fill your head with bull shit they wanna make you see the facts making rules for you to follow telling lies to keep you stuck, how much more are you gonna swallow, aren't you gonna tell'em to get fucked,
Everybody with a point of view tries to shove it down your throat, everything is up to you analyze the beliefs you hold, people wanna turn you into something, into something you're not, something that you'll never be, something that you don't want.
Don't let these fuckers drive you crazy, don't let'em make you think that you're wierd, they wanna be like you, the sight of you makes them aware, reject their stagnant opinions, they see in black and white, don't think about the words that hurt you, you know what's wrong and right.