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Confira a Letra I'm In Trouble Now

The Vindictives

I'm In Trouble Now

I realized that you were no missing person, by the noose that you wore around your neck. Purplish rings and pale cheeks surrounded melancholy eyeballs. It was clear to see that you, like me, were waiting for the world to stop because you wanted to get off where i wanted to get off. And i just keep on getting lost. But I don't know, nowhere to go cause I'm in trouble now, and everything's confusing me.
I'm fucked up and I'm climbing the walls again. I'm fucked up and I feel like giving in again, the situation is tearing me in two. In the dayroom glaring and grinding your teeth I had to ask you "what the fuck". I had to know what you found inside that made you wanna take another step inside. That made you want to take another step in. It was clear to see that you and me had just about enough of being born. So now we're heading for the door but it's different than before, this time I feel something more. And now I know just where to go, but I'm in trouble now and everyone is telling me I'm fucked up, and I'm getting the chills again I'm fucked up hanging on by my teeth again the situation is all because of you.