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Confira a Letra Style Over Substance

The Wednesday Night Heroes

Style Over Substance

Punk Youth... are just as creative as you
So what gives you the right to look down on us
We do things our own way, we do things differently
Than any of you scenester bums who are so cliche.

But I don't wanna hear it and I think you're fucked
Got a free bowl of soup with your haircut
You bitch about a scene that you don't understand
Cause it comes from my heart, not some stupid trend...
is this not art?

All style, no substance... you're going away
All style, no faded away
The only substance is inside your veins
All style, no're looking down
All style, no substance...this is the underground
You're talkin' shit but you faded away...
where'd you fuckin' go

We've got, we've got to find a way
to break into your home without the mainstream.
Its DIY do it or die, that you can't relate.
You wanna be rock stars cause your fuckin' fake

To all you who think punk's inferior
then take a look around there's so many of us!
It's spikey hair and shaven heads, to me it's all the same.
Just a bunch of angry kids who share the same flame
(and want more!)