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Confira a Letra Persevere

It doesn't matter
what the fuck you have to say to me
Alone I stand, but I'll leave my mark
and there's nothing you can say.
I know what i want
And i know I gotta find a way
But here I stand, with my fist in the air
and I know that I'll break free

Persevere... We will show them all
Like a candle that burns in the night
Standing tall... we will show them all
In the darkness we will all ignite

It feels so heavy,
all this shit that you've placed on me.
But the more I grow, the lighter the load
and I know just what I want...Right Now!

It's so retarded all this stress seems to slow me down
But I'm trying hard to ignore all this shit
even though it's the shit that makes it so fucking hard!