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Confira a Letra Dirty 3rd

If y'all ain't heard (if y'all ain't heard)
It's the Dirty 3rd (it's the Dirty 3rd)
You know I'm talking bout, uh
It's going down (going down)

If you ain't heard, it's the Dirty 3rd
Where the G's sip syrup, and the playas swang curb
We be shopping in the mall, we gon ball until we fall
It's the Dirty 3rd y'all uh, it's the Dirty 3rd uh

[Noke D]
Man it's going down, the Dirty 3rd go round for round
Pound for pound, niggas stay putting it down
You could never block a shine this bright
It's a struggle trying to hustle, but we put up a fight
Every night everyday, we parlay
We play, that's the way we make pay
We stay, steady bubbling up to the top
We drop it like it's hot, cause the shit don't stop
Wreckshop, be the family
A thug nigga, so you haters can't stand me
We roll candy, and we sip syrup and swerve birds
Do dirt, lips skurred and closed curtains

[Dirty $]
Y'all can catch me chunking up the blunt, Dirty 3rd's the coast
I'ma blow my weed back, when I smoke marijuana
Mary Jane to the brain, ain't a damn thang changed
Leaving stains on the street, watch me bleed concrete
With something sweet in my saddle, peanut butter buck hide
Wide body I ride, purpleizd with pride
That's right candy down, looking cleaner than Tide
That's why I can't be denied, haters been notified
The game's laced two times, to be on top
Playas qualified, money multiplied trunks lifted high
20 inches glide, purple slide down our throat
Who the host with the most, it's that Dirty 3rd Coast


D-Gotti on the Sea coast, in a speed boat
3rd Coast we gross, and po'ing pints giving toasts
To those Southside, on my way in over drive
I'm in the Benz along side the dock, now I'm on hot
Riding in Paradise, big blue circle lot
Shop green eyes, open eyes on blocks
Sunshine feeling fine, I'm in Maurie Cracker down
The panel with my style, and I'm popped up twice
Add spice to they life, when I push a device
Big's all in they face, screens fall out the sky
Hustle prescribe medication, codeine installation
Boys are fascinated, with them 20's and navigation
Ten thousand the estimation, was off in my pocket
Radar to keep me straight, for them laws that's clocking
Dirty 3rd we lossing, new levels we touching
Be the fine in this game, keeping nigga's hoes blushing


[Double D]
Now we done came up and shook the Southside
With this worldwide game for a fee, cause ain't nothing for free
You got to show me two G's, to fuck with D
Asking my enemies, do you like what you see
Third Coast won't stop, the hot spot
Wreckshop now hoes jock, what we got
Keep my mind on the cheddar, no way gotta be better
Down the line for the fourth letter, a trend setter
On a mission I'm a go getter, so I'ma get it
With the niggas who was with it, now let's take it to the finish
I-10 connect, N.O. to Texas bling bling
It's all about the green, it's all about the green