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Confira a Letra Got Sumthin' 4 Yo Mouth

The Wreckshop Family

Got Sumthin' 4 Yo Mouth

[Hook x2]
Mami I got something for your mouth
You can heat me on the bed, even on the couch
And it ain't no telling, when the night gon end
Might be the Telly, or the back of the Benz

[Noke D]
I love some mean grain, tongue ring games
Baby, you can gobble me while I'm switching lanes
My niggaz with me, and they all powered up
Stop tripping off the kitty cat, just swallow up
Got lost in the ass suga, you ain't gotta stare
You can hop on in the Benz, see the back of your hair

I'm like ooh yeah, baby no
Why we can't wait, till we get to the Mo'
Ain't trying to crash the chrome, while you getting your face mask on
Trunk knocking, you can't hear me moan
I love dome-dome-dome-dome, dome I do a thug
When you get off work baby, slide by the spot
And let a playa, get a lil' bit more
I swore, I wouldn't tell nobody
How your tongue wiggle, round the rolls of D-Gotti
And you probably giving me, the brains I didn't never had
Put me to sleep behind the wheel of a Jag, now you know that's bad
We at our pad baby got a Ph.D., and plus she a undergrad
I wanna ask her, to do me everyday
But I told her just call, whenever we could play, you feel me

[Hook x2]

[Noke D]
Why do you do me like that, sugar brown
When I'm on the E, I love having you around
Call me crazy, but I'm coocoo for the brains
Baby girl I apologize, for the time I skid on your braids
I stop by your job, and take you out to brunch
And girl I got a hunch, that we gon be here for some months

Mama it's lunch time, how was your morning
Who me, baby I'm fine
And I was just wondering, could you come to the ride
And calm my bad nerves, help me cum one time
One time, I really been missing the tongue kissing
You do like my piece, you platinum with it
I admitted to myself, you the Jaws of the South
Girl a diva I meant, that do wonders with her mouth
Ouch, suga watch them teeth
Now I know why all your pants, got holes in the knees
Slowly, you rock that mic
Keep doing your thug thang, just don't bite

[Hook x2]

[Noke D]
Well uh it's alright suga, you know what you mean to me
You might not know it cause I don't show it, it ain't what it seem to be
Uh-huh na-uh, it's been a time girl would you like to feed's
Just remember what the old folks say, girl you are what you eat
My queenie my genie, no T.V. on the way
Me and G-O-T-T-I, can do this everyday

You spent all day long, talking on the phone
Mami stop admitting, put your mouth up on the bone
I stop by your home, with no invitation
I ain't even call, to make reservations
Sensational, I love the sensation
Of gum lips, in my preservation
Uh, you got me so ain't done
So who am I to, you ain't my girl
Baby the brains is free, the gas cost
Cash all I need to mash, I proceed to smash
Off, and run a route like Moss
But chill baby, I'll be back on my job, I'm gone

[Hook x2]