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Confira a Letra Reel Shit

Uh, turn me up a lil' bit Noke
Right there, it's going down feel that

I'm on that real shit, that'll get you killed quick
You about to find yourself, in some'ing you can't deal with
Casualties we ain't taking names, cat niggaz don't know the game
Calicoes spit burning flames, never met one who can dodge my aim uh-huh

I'm on some real shit, the type of shit you don't wanna deal with
One of my closest dogs, is 'spose to loss a quarter million
As I'm walking on bricks today time to participate, trying to get rich today
Bet fa sho K to ride with the rifo', nigga I'm a pimp with a AK
Break pay or I'ma break your face, slide through your block and take your change
Don't hate me nigga hate my game, it's 2003 I'm trying to take my pay
Fake I ain't I'll fuck you up, I'm a rude boy nigga upper cut
Hop down whoop out the bumping bus, look what D-Gotti done done to us
Picture pain with some strings in the game, that'll leave some suicide at the house
Still I aim with a throw-away thang, bust brains 'fore I ever get caught
Never get off cause I don't wanna blast, I don't wanna put a nigga under grass
I don't wanna get the gun and mash, I don't wanna put a slug in ya ass
Who knows what a nigga mad what a nigga said, what a nigga ain't had when a nigga doing bad
What the fuck it do huh, now the motherfucker put him in a body bag
Got it bad and prepare your funeral, pass by the way and do you bro
You better think about the reprocussion, when you thinking about what you gon do to us


A nigga gotta keep it on the real
cause cat niggaz out here getting killed for the game
Never change and remain the same I ain't playing
for a life of what without scrill
Who's to say the next day gon portray the way
that if it's meant to stay then I'll still obey
And everything's ok cause I continue to pray
but sometimes a nigga click and get ready to spray
You better move nigga get out the way
buck shots we'll open your face
Blood splots dripping down your waist
you ain't looking for trouble you best stay in your place
I don't really bar what you heard
the best thing for ya is to try to observe
Niggaz life fly by like the sack of a Nerf
too many souls been lost face down on the curb
But is it hopeless knowing what I'm thinking when I wrote this
trying to cope see I never lose focus
Noke and Nick I want a track they the dopest
out the back and jacking a strap only if provoked trick
So baby do what just do
but make sure whatever you do it fits you cause believe me fool
Playing the game you will lose
if you constantly trying to fill the next man's shoes


[Lil' Shay]
I'm on that real shit the type that'll make a nigga feel sick
take a nigga break a nigga real quick
If you didn't know this the real deal bitch
the calicoe gon spit them starching flames
Leave a nigga stiff like starches mayn
never met another nigga that can dodge the aim
Even a vest on ya chest couldn't dodge the rain, and I'm harder mayn
Bo'guard the Charles Bark' when I'm toting the K
got the clip with cold chips hit the vertebrae
Like a waiter all haters get served today
and if you blocking my dogs you better get out the way
Move calicoes stand on the scene
my bullet ran out the beam you wanna be on my team
Real thug niggaz mash take that out the scene
we'll leave ya six feet we'll shatter your dreams


Say Wreck, I guess them niggaz all ears
So you can say what you wanna say mayn, you know I'm saying
Or they comprehend one of those, but you niggaz
Been wondering what we on, that's right, Wreckshop baby