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Confira a Letra To The Top

To the top I can see the stars, candy painted cars
Flipping out in bar, magnificent for sure
To the top, I sell where other niggas fell
Now I'm balling, should of say oh well

Sometimes I don't understand, the magic of my hands
How that pen touch that paper, and puts together a plan
Contemplating one day I'd make it, nigga face it I'm just a G
Overrated in what I do, I done touched the T-O-P
Through the blocks and crack rocks, pre-meditated murder
Deserve to be a millionaire, before they close the curtain
Def Jam like Russel, money talk's like Chris Tucker
Magnificent marvelous mob figga, up out the gutta
Lyrical phenomenon, the wizard with the wand
When I wave it in the air, dollas come
Like funds, happy days are waiting to see me
Postpone, everything till I'm free
You'll see, the mo' money, mo' money we'll get
So much we can't count, and spend all of it
Shit, I'ma miss the best I've been blessed
Address me as a mayor, young nigga on a quest

[Hook x2]

It was all a test, for my status let me know I'm the best
I couldn't of done it without God, who bless
Relieve stress, my pain with tracks and great backs
Smoke platinum with Frank Sinatra, and a whole rally pack
Yack on a yacht, talk to the nigga Pac
You think an Outlaw dead, but he not
Let me stop forget them fed's, as a playa cause he made it
And I'll be the next young nigga, to get faded
The youngest bomb they hate it, and a nigga on the road to riches
Too rich to achieve my mission, now I live my vision
Caviar in the spa, with Penthouse broads
Menage tois, yeah baby I'm a star
Hoes are, all of em me in the heat
Cause they gon witness a true playa, they been waiting to see
Fresh on the streets, and at the top I'm fin to reside
On the grind and it's Wreckshop for life, life

[Hook x2]

You can call me, chairman of the board
Game deeper than a vagina, and sharper than a sword
I'm a million dolla nigga, with a billion dolla plan
Lyrical explosion, street promotion keep my albums high demand
Can't stop us can't knock us, we all made men
Can't stop the Shop we keep it hot, and lead the Southside trend
Adversity been good to me, made me a stronger G
No charities can't carry me, on this grind where I serve
So listen learn I ain't concerned, about how much do' you earn
Or bout the car you say you drive, or that paper you say you earned
Hot as me you tried to be, so definitely you lied to me
Riding and despising me, house and out you couldn't be
Now board the fate I roll the real, take my estate so hard for scrill
You wreck your Vet, here's the next consecutive be the king of the hill for real

[Hook x2]