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Confira a Letra Listen, Don't Panic

The Xcerts

Listen, Don't Panic

Maps are not what I think they are
They leave me lost at night, just like ships in the dark
Well do you think your eyes are sinking deeper
But I can't help, I cannot help you out

Well come on, come on, come on
Well come on, and just listen
Well come on, come on, come on
Well come on, and don't panic now

I used to laugh like a child, but then I screamed like a wee girl
My illness is my best friend in your world
At fifteen, I feel a burning pain; the doctor starts to shake
My body's broken and I won't be the same

If I can't afford, then maybe my love's no good
Cause if I can't afford, then maybe my life's no good

My legs will walk around, I like to sing at night
My demons shout and laugh, 'pull yourself together boy.'