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Confira a Letra Songs Of Emptiness


Songs Of Emptiness

The thing is crawling we're riding into death
No god is speaking total emptiness
Our vicious leaders completely drunk of lies
The paranoia i hear a million cries

And every sunday the preacher tells the truth
So full of shit and without any proof
So far ago we sowed the seeds of hate
Now it is too late we're drowning into fate

And all our leaders kings and dirty queens
The whores of satan together we will bleed
We sing the song the song of emptiness
A melody unites us into death

We are dancing straight into the death
And we sing the song of emptiness
We are falling with a smile on our face
Cause we know we're digging our own grave

The bells still ringing the christians hear their lies
For empty hearts exists a jesus christ
The truth is written in this holy book
Just like the shit produced in hollywood