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Confira a Letra Into The Light


Into The Light

Imperial world decay
Peganistic ritual play
Christianity left for prey
Release the lions cage

They play the game

Masters watching gods at play
Man and beast in a violent game
The arena is blood stained
Paint the walls with Christian pain

They die today

Captured souls of Christ domain
Extermination of their ways
Pagan gods sacrificial blade
Burn the church of which they prey

Gods enraged
Fires a blase
Dark majesty

Follow into the light
The fires burn so bright
Scorn the enemy entity of Christ
Christianity is to blame
Victim will be slain genocidal rage

Into the light

Your worlds a lie
time to die
Sacrifice to god this Christian
Taste my blade
Fire my rage
And I will bring you into the light

Romanistic religion
Feed the gods of tradition
Dark lords of aggression
have sown the seeds of obsession

Cannibalistic tradition
Bring the gods to our perception
Gods will bring our prediction
Spawn of Baal will awaken