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Confira a Letra Dead End

Three-sided Cube

Dead End

You can run
But you can´t hide
You came to me with eyes of a sphinx

You told me a charade that keep without answer
You send me a puzzle with three thousand pieces

Lost in the haze
Cries in the night
Dreams get over before I fell from the sky

Sinking in tears
And a mirror that lies
Gaze all the scars that you proudly made unhealed

You are in a dead end
You are just a dead end
Your time to make your amends
There's no trace
Welcome to the dead end

You never told me
If one day you miss me
I wrote some letters
And there's no receiver

Living in peace you promise me heaven
One day I saw you, now I'm blind forever

My soul I sold
My freedom hurts
Decide to leave me if you can buy me a gun

Enslave the anger
Arrested in a chain
Asking for me but I think that you won't find again