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Confira a Letra Feelings Lost


Feelings Lost

Feelings Lost
Between the sheets of snow, for hundreds of years to come, lies the age of time.
To dwell upon the signs to come, are the paths of drops to hear.
To hear the silence of anger seek the fallen flake to the ground.
For seekers of the swallowed field, may never hear their battle cry.

Upon the quiet scream of renewal, flows the vein of souls.
To master the ignorance of shame is far beyond a man.

The seeker of the only cause of flesh that will, revive is waht the water brings.
Now hear the roar of the wind that sweeps, across the fjords and hills.
Now feel the souls of unborn childs that seeks the dying souls.
Awaken not from your sleep, now feel the calling from afar.

The boiling blood that now flows through these rivers they call veins.
May lift these arms so that I may slay again
.....and again.....slay again.....

In times the pain may dwell so the soul may rest,
but thou shall seek
Does the heart for reason to inflict.

Snow is melting in your dae, so fallen long ago.
Taste the knowing of your death.
To be free is what you're seeking.
Make your way, so the living may begin.

Ah, hear my silent scream, like an infant I am lost.
Do my soul, does swallow me hole.
For the battle it just begun.

By withering forest, they shall be put to rest.
So be..... So be afraid.

Now meet me now thy pagans force and show me to the field.
Where I may rest my innerself an my soul will always sleep.

Seek over the grass lain fields, fly with the wind of seeking souls.
See what the gods have made with your tired eyes.
Do not dwell upon the taste of pain.
Burn like a flame inside your head.
Hatred has got so far make it known.