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Confira a Letra Storm Within


Storm Within

Rapidly flowing into decay, fallen
Grand overtures open as the breath comes to an end
Symphony of pain to come
Make no mistake, there will be an after

Overcome it all...
Overcome it all...

How to reduce the anguish that will be felt with a strong soul
Take what strength that is left and behold
Blend and adapt to it all

See that is hidden in the shades
Control the shadows within

Overcome it all...
Overcome it all...

Create a sanctuary as you see fit
The darkness that seeks control must be denied

Closed eyes watching, all is seen
Scared beauty, what foul being that's seen by all
Breathe release the pain
Take control, release the pain

Watch yourself rise from within the darkness
Contain the suffering, ready to be revealed
Infected power seeps through the anguish released
See it struggle to take charge

Ending what has always been
Erupting into festering storm
Swallow all that is pure
Making it's mark the future is not to come

See behind closed eyes
Feel what can't be touched
See behind closed eyes
Can't be touched