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Confira a Letra Unio Mystica

Thyestean Feast

Unio Mystica

Servants of the sun monarch
Keepers of the fading revelations arch
How low we bow
To receive thy blessed
Archaic behest

Hollow seems form of mine
Empyreal host for will of thine
How eternized lores prospere
When guardians of faith conquer

I feel inside this cordial husk
Carnal envy for mortal lust
Assessor of holy ghost
Revealed to me exposed

Receive, revere
Angelic fire inside
I leech thy extacy
Obscene yearn for more

When screams of dread for languid flesh
Aspire to hearten this supreme abuse
Non omnis moriar
For I cannot die

My light shines inward
Touched by weakening heart
Lay slivering sword
To nourish sanguine art