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Confira a Letra Golden Vibe

Tom Jeefs

Golden Vibe

What was called Hypenitis in 1998
Is now a common infection of every person in the state
I’m too alternative to hate, rather debate
Too mainstream to be overseen, too in the middle to be fake
Perform in clubs from reggae DJ’s to real rappers
On Radio with backup, a crossover matchup
Be fast to catch up, lyrics go over heads,
People are too uninterested to listen to what I said
Never believe in lies until I’m on the other side
Promoters quit the job ´cause I swim against the tide
But I’m just doing mines I never arranged the rhymes
That didn’t after some time just flooded out of my mind
See I’m not that average illuminati HipHop puppet
I know that you love it…everything I’m busting
Has substance, you just need to open your eyes
And trust it…then you’re gonna flow with the rhymes

Now everything is gone that the people loved
Every single song that was on the buzz
Now we all cold and it’s really odd
The devil had his hands in the play of god

I’m opening my window
Feel the breeze waving past my arms with my face still buried in my pillow
I can’t get up because it’s been a long night,
The daily routine is calling, demotivation is a hard fight
I’m in it; cuz my passion’s having hard times
Till the finish lines, with rhymes from a far side
When I combine, I could have thought about it right
Instead of thinking way back in the dark of every night
But this is painkiller part two - your misfortune - faggots tryna argue
But not with me, I had a little education in hypocrisy
Now if you wanna peep the real shit then come with me
Dropping one song per day, into the library of Tom Jeefs
Infinite archives underlay
But hey – The world turns and we keep moving
What they love nowadays was made to disprove em