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Confira a Letra Hope (feat. Jae Havana)

Tom Jeefs

Hope (feat. Jae Havana)

[Verse, Jae Havana]
Yo, I always had hope
Prayed for sunny days, but they remained cold
So I lit up the stove, cooked a lil something, warmed up the soul
Food in my belly, so I could stay afloat
But I know that I'm sinking, there's water in my boat
I know I'm dying slow, but I got to keep going
Need the energy, so I could keep rowing
I see the finish line it looks so golden
Maybe today's the day, I could smell the roses
Feeling rewarded, feeling important
Working so hard ever since I was Joven
Yes I'm exhausted.. But I don't quit
And if I need change, I'll make a fix
Corrections, makes progression
I'm a student of life, I learned from lessons

[Chorus, Tom Jeefs]
They told me I’ll never make it
They told me I’m fake
They want me to break
Now that’s a mistake

[Verse, Tom Jeefs]
I maintain my way and I’ma walk it proudly
You may say what you got to say and say it loudly
For I shall never care what haters say about me
Cause I cannot fall down with my people around me
I’m profound with investigation, I mastered the situation
Sorted out whose fake for cooperation
Now I’m ridin towards sunset, nothing that could upset
Me, tranquility and god bless
No anticipation no progress
But hey I always thought you worked for success
Right? So get your ass up
The effort that we put in work compensates the bad luck
So we can’t get stuck we have hope
Movin on everyday cause we said so
Put passion in the fight, classics on the mic
The hope never dies, moving towards the light
We cope with the lies,

[Chorus, Tom Jeefs]