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Confira a Letra Teacher

Tom Jeefs



[Verse, Tom Jeefs]
Headphones on and I’m rockin’ the beat
I grab a pen then I’ll be locking the heat
Come with me! Everything you see is immune to defeat
Written by that motherfucker Tom Jeefs
He grew up on the streets,
Faggots wanna tell me I’m pretty velvet for shit to sell it
Stab ‘em with a javelin through the eye for yelling that
I’m partly philosophically lyrical, catastrophically cynical
But it’s logical if, I never miss, I’ma spit!
Hard as a fist to your chin,
After laying my verse I get fist-bumped again
Then back to the crib after five shots of gin
And a blunt that would make my left upper arm look thin
See I could break an MC in more varieties with rhymes
That you could break a hundred dollar bill – including dimes
So better spare your change ‘cause there’s gonna be fines
For every motherfucker that tries to confront me with a rhyme, rewind!


[Verse, Tom Jeefs]
Outta the most worthy to live city in the world,
You ain’t heard? Other rappers got kicked to the curb
My team ‘gon shit on yours for saying the wrong words
Visit my zone and listen to them rhymes that’s absurd!
See it´s different now; they wanna land and fly,
Without work, I don’t know what people fantasize
It’s Tom Jeefs man, how you like that cuz?
I know haters be running their mouth like – look what he does…
I don’t give a fuck man, I’m really upset
I got a pen in my pocket and I’m feeling I’m blessed
I write rhymes that’s complex, man I’m really a mess,
But therefore mentioning me would be out of respect
My mindset is beyond your imagination – trust me
Bitches getting fluffy in their belly, I get touchy
What must be: The style of sickness, I take pictures
With two microphone-stands under my arms instead of bitches