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Confira a Letra The Record

Tom Jeefs

The Record

What could I do to get high?
Do to get big, and to get fly
Whatever it is, I'm just trying to survive
Time goes by, and when it ends I wanna be ready to die
Open Mind, Third Eye too blinded to see the light
I just came by to say hi, to whoever's listening
What up fam, they're not always around but they are never missing
Headphones on, I'm rockin the beat
I grab the pen then I be locking the Heat
That's why I feel colder than a rock on these streets
But still bigger than the rest of ya'll
I should burry the rest of ya'll
I'm try'na finish my project at best before the end of fall
Whenever you and I fly high on clouds
The time runs out, get right about
You don't wanna see the Art steady fallin and dying out!

We can see all the stars in the skies
But can't see another motherfuckers thoughts in his eyes
What is it, that makes me believe the people are blind?
They didn't learn a single fucking lesson by time

I been doin' the shit for more than 4 years so listen to experience
The flow is routine now but the lyrics make you delirious
I go on whatever it brings, don't ask questions before you think!
Watch out, Money and Budged are 2 different things
I spend my life on my passion but then die while I'm rappin
Dehydrate while I'm mixing and mastering the next record
In my Dreams I see them takin pictures but they ain't paparazzi
I'm the last human in their world and they are down to watch me
I apologize if you feel like I was too cocky
But Humans act like they feel at the moment, so I was probably big and stocky
Look, this is Inside Knowledge; don't believe in your Teachers
They tell you what they want you to become, they are authorized Preachers
The system is their religion; they blind you to not see the bigger picture
Open your Eyes, and then live all your Visions
'Cause nobody can live ‘em for you, who needs to be sent upon you!?
There is no Space to change the sides, when finally the lines are drawn...