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Confira a Letra 2 Hot 4 U

Tony Joe White

2 Hot 4 U

My love life was alright always in control
I was never one to jump the gun take it nice and slow
Then you changed it all with a kiss
And I never thought it would come to this

2 hot 4 U better watch my step
Got me in a mood like I never felt
It's a fever can't shake it loose
Burning 2 hot 4 U

I tell myself it's a wild dream but I know for sure
Anytime you're close to me you mess with my temperature
Taking my breath away with a touch
My good intentions are just not good enough

2 hot 4 U hot me in a jam
Try to keep it cool but I'm loosing ground
It's dangerous what can I do
Burning 2 hot 4 U

I should listen to my heart try to keep my thoughts together
Something tells me I've gone too far
My emotions overruleb and all I want to do is make love to you

Melting down like a nuke reactor willpower is not a factor
The way you move is a sexy groove hard to refuse 2 hot 4 U

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