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Confira a Letra Up In Arkansas

Tony Joe White

Up In Arkansas

Got me a rocker without no arms ol' wood stove to keep me warm
My firewood out of the rain I sit and watch the seasons change
There's a woman in Little Rock got plenty of money down in her sock
She come to see me time to time we sit on the porch and sip our wine
A man ought to know when he's got it all holding it down up in Arkansas

Coyotes howl in the night the rats ate my food but that's alright
Must have needed it more than me ain't no sweat I'll eat their cheese
Way back in the woods a hoot-owl calls making his rounds up in Arkansas

The eagle flies wild and free catches fish down in my creek
I watch him rise on the breeze I don't bother him he don't bother me

Walmart moves into town progress can't keep it down
Tourists come from miles around I sit on the porch the sun goes down
But I live way back from it all keeping it cool up in Arkansas in Arkansas