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Confira a Letra Naughty Lady

Tony Joe White

Naughty Lady

Got that sexy way
Got that fire in her eyes
And if you've something to say
She don't want to hear no lines

She's heard them all before
And she's got a few of her own
Ain't nobody's fool
The lady knows what she wants

She's got that sophisticated look in her way
But you can tell that she likes to play

She's a naughty lady
Give you lovin' in the night
Leave before the morning light
She don't answer no questions
Tell you no lie
She's got to have that freedom
Or it's goodbye

She comes out lookin' like something
On the cover of McCall's
And sometimes underneath
She wears nothin' at all

And she knows that she never has to flaunt it
She can get it anytime she wants it

Naughty lady
You are one big surprise
But there's a secret in your eyes
And you can't hide it, oh no, no

You're a naughty lady
Give me lovin' in the night
And leave before the morning light
Naughty lady, naughty lady