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Confira a Letra We Belong Together

Tony Joe White

We Belong Together

Maybe it's the way you smile, oh babe
But I love the way I feel inside
When I'm close to you
It could be the sweet little things you say
That make me wanna hold you in my arms
And make love to you

And please, don't make me wait so long

'Cause, baby, we belong together
You know we belong together

I wanna feel your heartbeat close to mine
I see the want to in your eyes, oh baby
I love the way you make me feel
My hands just won't keep still
I've got so much love to give
We belong together

So baby, say that you'll be mine tonight
Let's don't wait another moment
I need your love so much
I know you've got that loving feeling deep inside
Ain't no way to hide it, baby
I feel it in your touch

I don't want to spend the night alone

'Cause, baby, we belong together
You know we belong together

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