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Confira a Letra For The Record


For The Record

Live from New York City
Rappers be takin' notes
Vigilante hardcore

Just in case you thought the last time was a fluke
Here we go again nigga, right back in the booth
Right back in the groove
Back to the fact my raps spittin' is proof
I'm polygraphing the track, that nigga the truth
That nigga was choosen, one that we chose
One of the one y'all don't want it with, with wonderful flows
I'm wondering if one these wanders wanted a dose of wonderama
Cause I don't know impeccable quotes
Wrecked a few shows
Stage shit incredibly sick
One of the reasons that me and you click
He mean a lot more than you guessed
I'm blessed every time we connect
A step closer to being the best
I'm being addressed by the press as being the next
All due respect, respect me to go for they neck
Direct steps, reckless regret, direction address
Directs niggas so they never forget
I wreck shit for the record

Wicked when I kick it, yeah that's ticket
For the record
I'm trying to get what I'm worth and not a penny less
For the record
Wicked when I kick it, yeah that's ticket
For the record
Rappers be takin' notes
Vigilante hardcore

I would like it to be known when I'm gone
And my zone and desire and my tone might have grown
But I've never been a clone
Ain't never been condoned, together or alone
Every sentence that I've shown, respectfully my own
Niggas check for me
Write a check for me you'll be gone
This is chess not checkers so I'm checkin' for the throne
I ain't checkin' for the stones in your necklace and zircones
Or moissanite, I'll destroy the mic for my goal
More than likely, you ain't know
You might be in the pros thinkin' you mike
And more like ronnie seikaly with the flow
This is precisely the show
The pros from the amateurs
Niggas did no flash of the cannon, don't mean the camera
Still the sun rise in the east, jeru da damaja
Came clean, my mind spray, that mental stamina
Been a problematic and panoramic parameters
No need for cross examining
Nigga, just for the record

For the record, I am not for the fuckery
Lame niggas luckily, have stayed out of my lane
Was slain, what you gonna be
Doubt if you want to be
Known as the first rapper bodied to use a fucking bugatti as a hearse
But you might
I ain't really trying to listen to what you like
Put a lesson in my lyrics that'll glisten in your light
My position is precise
The middle is what I like
Taking lyrical and literal, I'm lyrically right
Analytically ignite, recite for the payoff
My pen had been problematic since agallah was 8-off
You thinkin' of assassinating my character, you way off
Last attempt, when shawn kemp was in the playoffs
Hate talking water guns when I mention a spray off
But you can get super soaked when I'm letting the k off
My daily scheme is to get the cream like bernie madoff
And only ferris bueller get the day off
Nigga, for the record