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Confira a Letra Teyana

Tory Lanez


Zoe it all
They ain't even really gotta know about us so

I just hopped off that Facetime wit Teyana
I just hopped off the Facetime wit Teyana
Ooh you a fine little mama
Only go hard when I want it
And I'm on my grind little mama
I don't got the time little time lil mama
You know that you mine little mama
But I'ma cosign little mama
Shawty all I’m tryna say
I'd be lyin if i say i didn't I want you
Do it for the gram and its all you
Shawty all I’m tryna say
You know I will fuck you
Shawty all I’m tryna say

Dreams of fuckin me an RnB bitch B Bitch
Singin all them notes, and showin cleavage, cleavage
You know I got it for you girl
You know you’re just the type I like
T.T. you that RnB bitch
Fuck all of this talkin, lets get wit it
All Im tryna say is that you got it and I peeped it
And this shit on my mind and I cannot keep it a secret
So you just know
I'm focused, I’m focused, I’m focused
You know i'm focused, I noticed you noticed
I know you noticed

I just hopped off that FaceTime with Teyana
Damn you a fly lil mama
I’ll fly my ass out to Harlem
Just to come fuck with you mama
Fly you right back out Miami
No yall just don't understand me
No yall just don't understand me
I'm peepin all of your pictures
I'm peepin all of your figure
I see it all in your mixture
You got it, all the shit I like
I can't ignore it

I remember we was talkin on the FaceTime
You was tellin me the shit you was doin
And I swear girl I was on the same vibe
Oh you working on the album up north
Well I'm tryna come thru on it
Tell you what to do on it