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Confira a Letra What´s real?


What´s real?

Welcome to the unreal world
or could it be a real world?
here, nobody knows what´s false and what´s true
everybody here dreams about a better world
but not all dreams are becoming real here

What´s real?

Cause´ here it´s the law of the land
and the dreams of death
and nobody knows what is real.
try to put inside your empty mind
(your empty fucking mind)
thoughts to fill your dreams i recommend that you
try, try, try…. try again

What´s real?

The true reality is death
our new reality is death

Live your life intensely
live every moment sudenly
cause´ nobody can forsee the future of anybody
tomorrow you can close your eyes and still be alive
only to forsee your fate or only to forsee our death

solo: Nelson Lima

Haven´t you ever learned?
here you´re born, you grow
here you will burn, you grow and you die.

What´s real?
death is real