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Confira a Letra All Over The World

Tree 63

All Over The World

Even As the World began
The stars they sang And all the angels
shouted for joy
shouted for joy

And looking back through history
Your people they have always had
A song they must sing
A song they must sing


All over the world Your song will resound
All over the world Your praises ring out
We're living to see Your name and renown
All over the world

Young and old, near and far
there's a place for ev'ry heart to
join in your song
join in your song

And every nation tribe and tongue
come together join as one
give glory to God
glory to God

Great is Your name
and great will be Your song (repeat)
We lift up our hands and pray
We lift up our hands and pray
for holy is Your Name

Your name, Your renown,
are the desire of our souls
Your fame, Your glory, Your song