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Confira a Letra Back To Life

Trick or Treat

Back To Life

Many times we see words on the wall
telling tears (of) someone
has lost something to believe in
everyday reality got won
there's no way to know
where our feelings are fading out
You'll see what you always wanted to be
taking the way that you want to follow
we have time to watch tomorrow's news
'cause we'll not understand when fate
takes us away
Back to life and leave your past behind
we're the ones that can save ourselves
turn on the light and go inside your mind
take a look at yourself and tell that you're there

All the tears the people cried too hard
are a sea of blood
and a reason to be reflect(ed)
now is time to leave the human race
made of decadence
and cold memories: the essence of pain
SOLO: both/Guido/Cabri/Guido/Cabri/Guido/both
(variation 1)
What is the reason to carry on?
What is the reason to know?
What is the reason to stand?
follow the way that you want out fate
it's taking your life
(variation 2)
I don't feel warmth in my heart
I don't feel pain inside myself
I try to realize why I'm sinking
there's only (a) fog that surrounds me
staying on a wall I'm alone
and I feel strange to trust my own
once again I fall
to see
to be
(variation 3)
Watch me, watch me, watch me
I'm waiting to be deleted
but things will never be the same
Watch me, watch me, watch me
your waiting is in vain
feelings are only in your mind
What is the reason to carry on?
What is the reason to know?
this is the season to change the course
of sorrow's rising
and at the end we're left only
with the things that hurt us