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Confira a Letra Paper Dragon

Trick or Treat

Paper Dragon

The wind was blowing in the streets
But only snow can follow him
In the world there was a creature
Living playing, its only pleasure
Water was the biggest enemy
Til the day of the great tragedy
Cause of damage was a foolish tool
A little evil toy made of wood

Everything, in its hands
Cannot live, cannot die
We can only pray
Be awake, scan the dark
We can live, We can die
Show me the way!

Sadness was its lifeblood
Hatred flowing in its wooden heart
It went inside the toyshop
Arrogant, with a small sword
Was a dark knight without soul
Magic button made of pearl
A button to control them all
Giving life to every evil toy

Everything, in its hands
Cannot walk, cannot run
We can only cry
All the shop is alive
Good on left, evil right
Take a look over you!

That's the tale
Of Paper Dragon
That's not a stupid lie
He rides the gale
He can save you
Believe in me
Beware of the evil wooden knight
Avoid to walk without friends
The sword of wood is very dangerous
It's hard to find a faithful friend

Everything, in its hands
Cannot live, cannot die
We can only pray
Paper Dragon, save us
Use your wings, fly away
Throw down our fears!

It's hard to find…
It's very hard to find…
It's hard to find a faithful friend!