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Confira a Letra Time For Us All

Trick or Treat

Time For Us All

Take my hand, chiromancer
I wanna say what will happen to me
Maybe I'll be millionaire? (I wonna know)
Every night in my dreams
I can see, I can feel
Many "whys" many things
they scream in my mind
Every day in my toughts
I can see I can feel
Many "why"? many things
1) they make a hole in me
2) always they're obsessing me

I always buy journals
and I read the horoscope everyday
Searching for some advice (by the stars)
Who knows the time for us all
How many times to understand
One day the answer you will find
Don't you stand (don't you stand)
SOLO: Guido/Cabri/both
I search in every place
Everyday and every night
I search in all that ways
the answer isn't found
Why don't you want to help me?
I think I'm going mad
The question is the same everywhere