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Confira a Letra Joyful in Sadness

Trick or Treat

Joyful in Sadness

Silence is all around me
recalls are monsters that I can't see
divided by uncertanties
where is the chance to set me free?
Looking at the empty shadows
tryin' to find out you left behind
the past is the same trouble
fighting the secrets close in my mind
I'm screaming my own
I'm searching for this evil one
When you can't understand
where is your happy hand
you may search to find joyful in sadness
When your strengths are in vain
when you feel only pain
you may search to be joyful in sadness
I found a new direction
when looking for my peace of mind
this place with no compassion
is going to leave you forever more
Lookin' at your empty shadow
I see the darkness of your thoughts
the past will get you in trouble
destroying your wishes that I know
You're feeling alone
you're falling and justice is done
SOLO: Cabri/Guido/both