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Confira a Letra Island Of Love

Kathy Troccoli

Island Of Love

At last I found you waiting here for me
Even though I've hurt you time and again
You were always by my side
And now I did again
This broke heart
To be held together from this day
Now the doors are open wide

For you, you're all I have
Then I love you, Lord
I've never felt this way before
The universe belongs to me
And this is where I'm meant to be

You're an island of love
And I'm glad I've been washed ashore
Cause if I'd been here a thousand years
I'd stay a thousand more
You're an island of love
And I'll never try to leave this island of love

The tide is going out towards the sun
And the night begins to draw to a close
To receive a brand-new day
Yes, I am taking time to think about your love
Away over joy has flooded my soul
I'll never find the words to say