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Confira a Letra Clear Road

Trolle Siebenhaar

Clear Road

You make me sicker

I put my self into a lot of trouble
I seek my haunted home and i see double
You place your hand in mine and then i smoulder
You try to lead the way and i get colder

It ain't a clear road baby

You could call her mind state confusing
She was right on the edge with her left foot hanging out
She had a thing about using
And I had a thing about helping her out
No matter what I said - The world still grey

Sun didn't shine on a fine summer day
I led her by the hand to the infirmary
'Cause she needed something that I never could be

The road feels better now
I trust your secret smile
But deep inside i know it`s only for a while
I shake my head and turn
Black birds are warning me
The could wind strikes my hear
But you say: ”Come with me”

It ain't a clear road baby

You make me sicker
You make me sicker than i already am

Settle down - Strap your arm
Swallow down with water baby
Give it up - Gotta go
Get yourself together

It ain't a clear road baby

You make me sicker