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Confira a Letra Wonderful World


Wonderful World

On lovely days when skies are fair
Your barren life is perfect
When clouds turn gray
And all my cares come pouring down on me
Lord, You are there when I need You most
You turn my crazy world around

Wonderful world, beautiful day
Your presence take me far away
Wonderful world, heavenly place
I feel Your love a thousand ways
You wake me every morning
Your mercy makes me new
It's a beautiful day, wonderful world, here with You!

Between work and play and telephone rings
If ever I forget You
I slip away from life's routine
To meet You on my knees
These are the moments that I need You most
This is the place my hope is found


It's all in how we look at things around us
I see that hope and joy, peace and love have found us.


It's a wonderful world (4x)