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Confira a Letra Let Go


Let Go

I used to view this walk of grace
As a holy game of saving face
I thought I knew it all
Callin' every card I played

I used to see just black and white
Make heads or tails of wrong and right
I lead my own charade
Callin' every spade a spade

Then my perfect world went spinning down
Giving me a chance for perfect love
To turn my world around, then I...

Let go
And let God be God
There's no better place to be
Then to let go
And let God be God

I can't believe I couldn't see
This simple truth right in front of me
Why did it take so long
For graze to amaze me

I guess some learning curves run deep and wide
Bringing me around full circle
Before I realize, I gotta...


I'm gonna let go
And stop worrying about myself
When I should be livin' for someone else
Gonna take the time to shut things down
When I start tryin' to figure all of it out
I'm gonna cut these chains I made for me
And start trustin' true humility
Hey, the driver's seat is not for me
It's for the one who holds the keys
And all he wants for me to do, is to...