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Confira a Letra Love Take It All


Love Take It All

Though it's a mystery to me
I trust and I believe
In a love that is blind
For through my trials I have seen
Love give unselfishly
Time after time

I have no reason to live
Without the hope that love gives
For when it comes to my sin

Love takes it all
Oh I believe love sets you free
When the weight of this world
Is on your shoulders
Love takes it all
Oh I believe it's all you need
His love is there
To catch you when you fall
Love, love take it all

It suffered with me through the pain
And never once complained
When it passed through the fire
And through uncertain times of change
When others walked away
If has stayed by my side

So I can't help but believe
Love is sufficient for me
'Cause when it comes to the depth of my sin


Love knows no limits
No boundaries, no walls
Love reached down from heaven
And held out it's arms, on a cross