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Confira a Letra Out Of The Deep


Out Of The Deep

Will I drown in despair
Will this be my last prayer
Where dark waters flow
And the rushes of fear
Keep on pulling me near
To the shadows below
I can't erase the memories
I can't elude the pain

Is there somewhere to hide
Is there somewhere to find
My way through this storm
Waves of doubt rage on
'Til my strength is all gone
I can't fight anymore
Your love pierces the darkness
Your sweet presence is all I need

Out of the deep
And into Your mercy
And I know that Your spirit
Is bringing me, out of the deep
Out of the mind, and into Your mercy
And peace, out of the deep

Through the mist and the rain
Through the shadows and pain
I can see Your face
So I draw a breath in
There is hope once again
Leading to Your embrace
Your love pierces the darkness
Your sweet presence is all I need


Somehow You reach inside
My deepest fears
You draw me close to You
And hold me near
You clear away the haze
And all my darker days
Have disappeared