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Confira a Letra The Bridge Will Appear


The Bridge Will Appear

I've gone as far as I can go
My journey on the narrow road
Has ended at the edge of this divide
Can I walk out on thin air?
And trust that You will meet me there
At the place where faith and fear collide

I can hear You call my name
I can hear You whispering to me

I know your doubt is deep and wide
My will is on the other side
But I know how to get there from here
Hold my hand, know I'll give you faith
And free you from the fear you face
Step out - and the bridge will appear

So I asked for courage for advice
Pray for wisdom and think twice
Takin' the time I need to count the cost
'Til there's only one thing stopping me
The fear of what I cannot see
I must believe You know the way across

I can hear You call my name
I can hear You whispering to me


Come and walk in the unknown
Come in the mystery of faith an
Trust this bridge will lead you where
The best of heaven waits