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Confira a Letra Yesterday's News


Yesterday's News

I live in a world of here and now
I've got so much ahead of me
I put all my hope in days to come
Yet in a moment, it all can change

Sometimes I get too busy
To notice that the future
Hinges on what happened in the past
But I know this story well
Oh, I know this story well

There was a man who heard the call
There was a love that gave its all
There was a hand that reached from heaven
To make a way home
There was a cross, a sacrifice
And a tomb that gave us life to last forever
Now my hopes and my tomorrows are with You
Because of yesterday's news

They've changed the world or so it seems
Yet we long for days gone by
We search for truth, and we dream our dreams
But find no peace, and we wonder why

It's time they know the answer
Passed down through the ages
The Saviour who brought hope into this world
It's a story of a lifetime
It changes every life


Can you hear the voice
As it shakes the walls of time
And it's calling out today
We can never be the same