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Confira a Letra Pick A Universe


Pick A Universe

We can pick a universe let’s go

Feeling under pressure
Studying all day and night
Waiting for the weekend but it’s take, take, taking its time

Get it off your shoulders
And forget it all tonight
Power on and then let’s make a break, break, break
Straight for the galaxy inside your room
When the mundane just won’t do (won’t do)

Whether it’s rain or shine
We can leave it all behind
Anytime you’re feeling low
We can pick a universe, let’s go

We can board an 8 bit plane
Make a daring great escape
Anytime you’re feeling low
We can pick a universe, lets go

Working counting minutes
End of day is on delay
Every hour longer than the last, last, last
That’s ok

‘Cause when it’s over
There’s another Earth that waits
So just let it go
Let’s make a dash, dash, dash
Straight for the galaxy inside your room (your room)
When the real world just won’t do (won’t do)

Pick a universe, any universe, let’s go
Like magic hitting start unlocks the door
Pixel cosmos for every boy and girl
‘Cause everything is twice better in a 2D world
So let’s escape, escape to any, any place
Where we can live two times and replay, replay
Any stage ’til it’s right as long as you save
So Kit-Kat take a break get away, away

Through a portal then we can have some cake tonight
Or we can bake one just in case that cake’s a lie
‘Cause here in Minecraft you can make what’s on your mind
Don’t like the real one?
Build whatever world you like