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Confira a Letra Conduit

Umphrey's Mcgee


Generous come the gift from the source as it it
When allowed make us proud run the course as it shifts
Recovered through although you always knew it was there but you withdrew
Identified and pushed aside the only message they provide

Whereabouts run north and south they're only known from the word of mouth
Escape the wheels as they conceal the way this pact is sealed

As before once was town locked away in a drawer
Glance around tie it down tightly wound to the core
No consolation can be held but all the same it's just as well
If you've heard the you deserve given words you can never sell

We wait our days still so amazed at how these parts are finally played
The system doubt our open routes we follow faithfully devout

So the source runs its course through our minds we implore
Tightly wound souls are bound as it was once before