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Confira a Letra Mantis

We believe there's something here worth dying for
Uniforms are old but we'll still try some more

I'd probably be wrong if I was right

The breeze it sees from all consideration
Turmoil stands like old rubber bands unbreaking

Anything worth mentioning need not be too polite
We won't mind

I've seen much bigger men than me
Your will be done I'm not the only one
This task it seems a backwards path
When things are said in context
Big enough to wrap in boxes
The things we'd say aren't easy to replace
Be brief if you're unsure
That's much braver than before
So what's your point?
Who's the next you will anoint?
There's nowhere to transcend to
If we've got no ears to lend you

I hate to say it
You're no replacement
Excuse you cannot buy
It seems so aimless
Just short and painless
The truth you cannot hide
The trouble measures
There's something better
There's one more word to try
I hate to say it
You're no replacement
I'm never good at lies
Never good with lives
Never good with lies
I'm never good with lies

Had you thought about it,
Could you live without it?
'Cause it's all about you in the end

And it's so elaborate
(And it's all around you)
But you never had it
(But it turned around on you)
And you cannot grab it
If you try