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Confira a Letra Battle In The Shadow (Of The Mountain)

Unleash The Archers

Battle In The Shadow (Of The Mountain)

Time approaches!

Whispers fill the waiting hollows
Dread comes forth and bleeds the sky
Look no further than tomorrow
No mistake they've come to die
Overcome and fear no more
Come admire the night's reflection
Fires on the hills below
Darkness stands for death's inspection
Phantoms standing row by row
Mourn the beauty lost in war

He'll slit throats and claim victory with haste

Battle in the shadow of the mountain

Fire rises filling the hearts and the
Eyes, raging, setting the fury alight

No subjection!

Battle frenzy moves him forward
Sword has warped his mind and soul
Takes no heed of side or standard
All will fall and he will grow
Every death adds to his strength
Filled with lust for endless ruin
Fate will sing it's wicked call
With the carnage done and through him
He will see he's killed them all
Drenched in blood of innocents

Battle in the shadow of the mountain


Weeks and weeks could be spent
Collecting the bodies that litter the mountainside
But instead they're left as reminders of the fucking bloodbath

Filled with sorrow he falls to the floor
He knows that he is no more
No more