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Confira a Letra Crypt

Captured here within a quiet tomb
Yet not surrounded by the dead
Covered in a shroud of misery
Whispers hover in our midst
Ragged few have shared this consequence
But the choice was ours in a way
Full of hope, yet still despondent
Will light ever come again?

Shout, unfortunate warden
The time for chains is ended

Crawl out from this cage
Feel warmth upon your face
As you step into the sun
This tender breeze
Meant only for the free
Which you’ll not be for long
Your time is done

Dark passageways never end
Only glimpses caught between the
Bars of our cell, moving forward
Yet never terminating anywhere

Bound to the crypt
Darkness fills my soul and skin
Bound, I fall from sin
Blackened spirit, past within

The time for chains is ended