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Confira a Letra Adaptability

Until Rain


We've reached the end of time
The gates of dawn
The edge of night
Remember all the things you've learnt
Keep those secrets in your heart

Finding your dreams
You discovered one love
One that never dies
Never lies

Walking out of my door
I travel the world
Breathing the air,
I breathe the taste of life

I leave behind that place
I spent a thousand nights
One thousand nights!
Climb so high their walls
I make my way through the deadlights

Rise from bed I run away

All alone now,
I walk a lonely shore,
Trying to live again these moments
I realize the feel is gone
God I'm so glad now
Still I can feel the morning breeze
Upon my lips, it feels so cold,
So real, so pure, so strong

But day after day
I felt her kindness wore away
An empty rusty train
I’m so lost on love's mysterious rail
Oh God, how much I wanted her to stay

They are calling me tonight
My Dreamworld memories

Was no one there
To hold on tight
Alone you were my child

Anyway these days are gone
Mirrors speak what they say I'm old
There’s so much pain this heart can't take it any more

I hear her voice, strange games we play
How she's touching my face I can't run away
I can't believe that Rita Kane is standing before my eyes

And yet she’s there, but my eyes say no,
I can feel her pulse that beats upon my own

She is calling me tonight
The woman in my dreams

Was no one there
My faith has died
We finally reunite

The dream is real
I now believe
I come to you tonight


Still her ghost appears every starless night,
It sits upon my bed,
in the candle’s light.
I remember the days, oh
we danced like we’re one.
I remember the days,
we walked in the sand.

Didn’t wanna see,
didn’t wanna feel
Didn’t want your love,
I didn’t want you to die.
Never wanted dreams,
never wanted dreams,
never wanted dreams,
never wanted

Doomed, forever blind
Made my life an eternal night
Haunted until I die
I gave my love to a ghost
And now I pay the price

I wake in the night an’ I find you there
Tiptoeing naked then you lay in my bed

Curled beside me I taste your freezing breath
Folding around me I feel the zephyr of death

Tricks of your mind it’s just a crazy illusion
Oh talk to me, hold me tight
Isolated, I locked myself in seclusion
Stay with me let us ride the night

There by the shore
Not alone anymore
Sits a man that turns his life
Into a strange distant song
Then he turns onto the sea
And he speaks out
His void soliloquy

Stargazing child
I take my leave
My journey ends today

And now it’s time you know
It seems so long ago
Years tend so quick to flow
So long ago

Return to me, return to life
Leave the “Reign of Dreams” behind
Deny your death, deny this lie
Stay with me
let us ride the night
Finding your dreams
You discovered one love
You may close your eyes