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Confira a Letra Departure

Until Rain


Now inside the night,
It takes it’s time boy
And there,
Sits a man by the shore
Blind he was
He waits for you
Another day

You think you can live forever
Being young you say that all
You‘ve got your Dreamworld ticket
Ahead there’s another world

Scared now,
She ran away from home
That night
She stared upon her mirror’s glow

You believed in the dream
You have now the key
And when the dark night falls
You have to sleep with me

You have to walk each path
and free your mind
Notice that,
You leave your flesh behind
No one else Just you and I
See that light
It’s your Departure night

You now mark my words
There are rules you learn
If you break them once

You return back home
Where you’ll weep each night
For what you’ve lost
The reality of illusion

The mist is all now gone you see
Touch the mirror glass you feel
And you’ll be gone
Welcome son

Searching your dreams
You discovered the world
Open your eyes
You have just found the door
Don’t stand in the cold
Stay at my side

Together we sail
On the edge of this tale
Wrapped in a way
That I dare not escape

Follow me, through this lane
Behold, the gates to the Reign

Searching your dreams
You discovered the world.
Open your eyes
You have just found the door
And given your word
You may walk inside