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Confira a Letra Marionettes

Until Rain


Nothing has changed. She gazed at the past,
It was better than ever
There’s no time for pain. Against the stream
We will stay together

A newborn will come to life
It’s my own debt to raise it
We’ll do it together
You shouldn’t be afraid
We will fend for ourselves

Some people may rush to draw conclusions
Many of them might find the wrong solutions

Don’t do it or you’ll regret it
This was your last chance to prevent it
You will feel utter desolation inside you, it’s too late

Impossible is nothing
You’ve got no choice you have to face the cold hard facts
You can’t run away for all eternity

-So… we’ve reached this dead end.
-There’s no avoiding the obstacles in our path. Shall we discuss the matter at hand?
-Please don’t do this to me. I can’t stand the thought of it. It’s murder, don’t you see?
-We have to face reality or else life will become a trial for us, full of pain and Suffering
-Face reality you say? Haven’t you ever stopped to consider anything but the obvious? This soul is what will link us together forever. It’s just an innocent child. Please, don’t go… You’ll regret it.
-Listen to me:
-I’ll miss you my love, but I can’t live this lie.
-I’ll miss you my love, this must be a misunderstanding

The gift of life was given to you
It can’t be thrown away like this
The mystery of raising a child The feeling… it’s irreplaceable

You are my whole life
I can’t do you any harm
I will let you live
I will let you live in peace

Nothing remains the same
We picture the future
It’s more difficult than ever

You are my whole life
I can’t do you any harm
I will let you live

Impossible is nothing