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Confira a Letra The Shepherds Slaughter

Unto The Beast

The Shepherds Slaughter

You held the weight of the world battered and bruised for prizing.
Sharp thorns send chills to the bone as you begin your trek oh god
Hands tied to the post the heavy blows to the back whips cut through the
Skin. You have been pinned to the tree now the myths of the jewish king have.
Fled, by the blood of the lamb, by the blood
By the blood

I cannot believe that you've held on for this long
The world is watching as we spit on your name
The traitors laugh at the sound of betrayal
And all have witnessed that your murder was priceless

The chill of death creeps through your cold veins
"Father here is my spirit"
Lance driven in spilling blood and water
"Father why have you forsaken me?"

Your blood has satisfied the lost souls marked with "to be rescued"
Your stripes have ripped open making way for the opt and broken
Your silence says so loud "I am willing and my love's forever"
Your father has witnessed the conqeur of the world and the death of

You bid to gasp but your lungs are clamped shut by the blood loss
Cycles of twisting along the timber graded your back
You bit to look but your eyes lock in tears shed from heartache
Your teeth they grind and fasten, as I whip out the 9 you
Bled by the stripes on your back
Bled by the stripes on your back
This cross is getting heavy
This cross is getting heavy

Taste the blood coming from the slash of christ and tell me that you can't
Regard. The world you find will set you free from sin may you never need
To feed again. Let's take a look I assure you what you find will be the
Hoard of your last being. God is living and he'd love to have you when
This world your living leaves your rotten mind.

I have been cleansed by the blood of the lamb

"Father forgive them."

It is finished
(Eli eli lama sabachthani)
It is finished